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What is a Birthmother?

I approach this topic with a myriad of emotions. My palms are a little sweaty; my brain is unfocused, and the combination of words I want to say seem to all come out wrong. Almost two years ago I paused my professional work with birthmothers and women in unplanned pregnancies when my own daughter was […]

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Adoption Chat: “Support in the Wait” for Prospective Adoptive Parents

The adoption corner of the internet can be a fiery place. Much of the indignation is rightly stoked; the history of adoption in the United States shows that birth families and adoptees have not always been treated with respect. In modern, open adoption (which you can read more about here in one of our previous […]

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What is Open Adoption?

For many people who have not been directly touched by adoption, this article may seem like a foreign concept filled with words borrowed from a language you did not know existed.

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